An innovative 'Event Industry Readiness Solution' tailored to YOUR current status, needs and capacity.

Your ‘parachute’ into compliance for all event management and safety needs, providing you dedicated success management and support services.

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Accredited by Services SETA and LG SETA. Aligned to SASREA and ISO.

Making use of stakeholder endorsed and regulations centred proven 'Events Best Practice' onboarding cycle methodology, the dynamic needs-based approach is aligned to COVID-19 guidelines and developed specifically for the MICE industry, while integrating global perspectives. Walking you through the necessary practical assessment and implementation phases of event readiness, supported by tailored consultation and e-learning approach to meet your specific requirements.

Event Readiness Solution

Designed to walk you through your compliance journey.

Find your flexible fit solution

Suitable for organisers, venue owners and suppliers who desire long-term support. The Events Industry Preparedness Solution offers flexible packages that can be upgraded and customised according to your evolving needs and available budget, ensuring maximum value.

The following different solution options:


> On-line Current Reality Analysis;
> On-boarding Checklists;
> Recommendations;
> Weekly check-in with e-mail support.


> On-line Current Reality Analysis;
> On-boarding process via Zoom / Microsoft Teams;
> Weekly Consultation covering 6 cycles over an agreed period – up to 4 – 6 months;
> Access to selected virtual training material with e-mail support.


> On-line Current Reality Analysis;
> Active On-boarding process via Zoom / Microsoft Teams;
> Phased and tailored Consultation and Training covering 6 cycles over an agreed period – up to 4 – 6 months;
> Access to selected virtual training programmes;
> Continuous one-on-one and team support during “Covid-19” opening period.

Costing will be in line with your specific needs. Retainer options are also available.

The “Consultation Training Scope”

'The new normal is now.'

Our core purpose is readiness and onboarding teams through capacity building. A dynamic group of expert consultants blended with a shopping list of training resources is like none other available in the market today. On offer to you:

  • Event Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Event Safety

Let’s start HERE ...

As professionals within our industries and at your service to deliver practical, cost effective and credible compliance support to the events industry.

“Together we are more”

Three partners one grand purpose! Brought together by one big question, “how best to support the events and exhibitions industry during the state of disaster pandemic and beyond”. Tourism, exhibitions and events are among the most extensively hit, recognizing the uncertainty, fear and strain this has caused. Where pressure is applied innovation begins.

We are enthusiastically committed to supporting you during the re-opening of the sector and beyond. Safety first!



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